Highlights : 

1. The sound quality of ultimate ears wonderboom has a detailed mids and highs volume and carries an outdoor sound boost button that takes the power away from the lows of the bass and pushes it more towards the mids and the highs which will help you get the louder volume. 

2. The ultimate ears wonderboom is more of a high end durable and portable bluetooth speaker with a line of budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers. 

3. The ultimate ears wonderboom is a omnidirectional speaker with IPX7 rated which means it is dustproof and waterproof ( you can definitely submerge it water down to a meter for 30 mins as suggested) 

4. The amazing features of the speaker is that it floats right to the top and the music keeps playing the entire time.

5. UE wonderboom is an impact resistance speaker being a portable and durable Yui product. 

  • Build and Design : 100% 100%
  • Performance : 100% 100%
  • Battery : 80% 80%

Introduction(ultimate ears Wonderboom):

UE is widely known for its professional in-ear screens and high-end consumer sound gadgets; additionally, it has a line of budgeted Portable Bluetooth speakers. The ultimate ears Wonderboom is now well known for the boom collection of Portable Bluetooth speakers and easy to carry but deliver fantastic sound and are IPX7 rated, making it dustproof and waterproof. 


Ultimate Ears, famous for its custom-made in-ear earphones, began to branch out to other products like Bluetooth speakers, even after customer peripheral giant Logitech purchased it back in 2008. Now let’s examine their funky and ruggedly styled ultimate ears Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker that boasts waterproof and dustproof technology and 360-degree sound. The original ultimate ears Wonderboom, in comparison to other ultimate ears Wonderboom speakers, is still an excellent compact speaker, and you may likely find it relatively cheap today that a newer generation is still about half the price of the more recent version. 

Logitech had a great lineup on waterproof speaker layout for quite a while now, together with the UE 2 continually hitting on the top of our listings of recommendations from its prime time. The unique factor is that it provides it with a 50-foot wireless selection. Besides, the UE Wonderbook remains IPX7-rated, which means that you may submerge the speaker up to a meter in the water for half an hour. The ultimate ears Wonderboom speaker floats, which means you won’t need to dive after it falls to a swimming pool at your next pool party. 

The no 3.5-millimeter aux input and no phone call support problem is a thing of the past; we could confidently state that Logitech and UE have created one of the best- sounding Bluetooth speakers you can purchase. The ultimate ears wonderboom is easy to set up and will endure being based around and has an excellent sound to match the frequency. 

UE Wonderboom color variant

Design & Built:

The ultimate ears Wonderboom is a big coffee mug sized speaker, but can’t be broken that easily like other speakers due to its impact resistance feature.  If you chose the tall and cylindrical UE Boom and morphed it using the horizontal disc-shaped UE Roll, you would find this fat, and brief soda can appear. It is cute looking that I am pretty sure is what UE was heading for. Inside the box, you receive the speaker along with the horizontal micro-USB cable for charging.

It’s offered in a variety of funky color combinations with accents on the volume buttons and hang loop. The device is somewhat hefty at 425 g and round at the midsection just like a middle-aged person. Although it’s peculiar, the oddness includes a motive.

The speaker was created in such a manner that it may make noise reflecting off surfaces such as the walls or furniture of the space, The cylindrical design means that audio is pushed out in all directions. The ultimate ears Wonderboom homes have two busy 40mm drivers and passive radiators, which collectively can achieve a max volume level.  

ultimate ears wonderboom

ultimate ears wonderboom


There are three buttons on the top. The first is concealed under an LED and can be used to pair the speaker over Bluetooth. There is no NFC here so you will need to set it the old-fashioned manner. The UE emblem is a button itself that is used for controlling media play and pause and for matching two ultimate ears Wonderboom components with one another

They call it “Double Up” which allows you to double click the amount but does not divide the left and right channels between both to get a stereo installation. Ultimately, there is a power button that has its own LED light

The intriguing characteristic of this speaker which you need to be conscious of is that it is a truly wireless speaker. Not in the manner that the AirPods are authentic wireless of course, but this speaker does not have a 3.5-millimeter input to get an aux cable such as other UE speakers.

There is no AUX cable in this circumstance, so as far as range goes, this speaker manages space reasonably well, Reality I has so little issues with the connection inside that took it outside. Preceding UE speakers, then you can set this speaker into another Wonderboom should you would like to double up, and you do not have to use a program. At the speaker’s bottom, you are going to find a little plastic flap that covers the micro USB input. 

The USB port is hidden round} the back, at the base, and can be covered by a flap. You will find oversize volume controls at the front, and pressing them allows you to check the battery level. There is no voice prompt to inform you that the status, instead, you receive a tone that’s supposed to notify you if the battery level is high, moderate, or low.

The drivers support a frequency of 80Hz – 20kHz. The Wonderboom has an IP67 rating; it could be submerged up to 1m of water for up to half an hour. The Wonderboom can recall up to eight paired devices and will manage two active connections in precisely the same moment. At length, the built-in battery guarantees around 10 hours of battery life.

ultimate ears wonderboom


The installation procedure is as straightforward as linking any Bluetooth device with your cell phone. The first thing surprisingly is the loud ultimate ears Wonderboom could get. The quantity is related directly to the device you are linked to, and that means you can control it from there remotely. The speaker becomes loud enough to fill a space at the 50 percent level. 



The soundstage is wide with exceptional details at the middle and high frequencies, which can be quite surprising for a Portable Bluetooth speaker. Bass can also be delivered nicely and is punchy, and if you set the ultimate ears Wonderboom from a solid surface such as a wall socket, a little bit of sub-bass. 


If you take it outside, the ultimate ears Wonderboom remains fairly loudly but the bass dip whenever there’s nothing to signify off. At full volume, the speaker doesn’t go about or vibrate in any way. The oversize volume buttons expect a little bit of effort to press but those on the cover of the speaker function okay.

ultimate ears wonderboom


The Wonderboom has a rated battery life of 10 hours, and in our testing, we managed to come quite close to the figure. The ultimate ears Wonderboom additionally functioned perfectly well in the rain. The operation of this Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speaker is excellent overall, and at precisely the same time, the audio quality is an effective combination based on where you play it. Due to its size, the speaker has been deceptively straightforward, with clear highs and mids, and punchy bass. 


Ultimate ears Wonderboom does not support calls. I don’t know of individuals who like to utilize call assistance from a Bluetooth speaker, since it isn’t exactly the ideal way to speak on the call unless you’re in a close area with no sound.

The UE Wonderboom seems excellent and fixes the bass in the UE Roll 2. Audio is hot, favoring mids and mid-bass. Highs sounded great also, but were marginally uncontrolled at more significant volumes, leading to some sibilance. Bass can also be great, but not class-leading. Bass-heads were trying to find a waterproof and portable Bluetooth speaker that ought to look no farther than the JBL Charge 3. That is not to mention the bass is not great on the UE Wonderboom, however.

The Bose SoundLink Color II sounds |marginally better compared to Wonderboom as it comes to vocals, but also is not entirely waterproof with just an IPX4 rating compared to the UE’s IPX7.

Battery life is about average, lasting about 10 hours in moderate listening levels. Portable speakers such as the Bose SoundLink Color II provide considerably shorter battery life, 8 hours of the Bose and 6 hours for the JBL Charge 3, which makes the Wonderboom competitive in battery life.

The JBL Charge 3 seems better, but it’s also double the size of UE Wonderboom. The Color II sounds marginally better with vocals but is not fully waterproof, is a directional speaker, and continues three hours less than the Wonderboom. 

                                               Wonderboom is definitely your winner.



  • Easy to connect 
  • Better Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Pocket-friendly speaker
  • 360 degree sound speaker
  • Multiple pairing at a single time.


  • No phone call support 
  • Do not support any AI person (alexa or siri)

Verdict :

The speaker is best if you are a traveler bugger, hippe, party bugger, and nerdy person the UE Wonderboom is one of the best waterproof, offers true 360-degree sound, features long-range Bluetooth, and can pair two devices at the same time.