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Sony was about to launch its second Sony vlogging camera, ZV-E10, of the ZV series on 7th July 2021 via a virtual event, but the launch was postponed. 7th July 2021 is marked as the 84th anniversary of the Second Sino-Japanese War, also known as Japan’s invasion of China. 

After knowing the launch date, Chinese netizens couldn’t control their anger, and they started trolling Sony China. As a result, Sony China has to release an official apology and cancel the launch event.

Nevertheless, Sony India has taken down the tweet comprising the major specs of their new vlogging camera, rumored as Sony ZV-E10. Nevertheless, there are rumors that the launch of this camera is shifted to August 2021, but the official announcement isn’t revealed. The upcoming Sony ZV-E10 release date will be around the second and third week of August 2021. 

Sony Europe said that the launch was canceled because of the unavailability of the parts, but everyone knows the actual reason. The upcoming camera would be the second one of Sony’s ZV series, suitable for vloggers. 

Fortunately, all the major specs of the Sony vlogging camera 4k have surfaced online through different videos. Let’s know the leaked specifications of this Sony vlogging camera with a flip screen. 

The Leaked Key Specifications Of Sony ZV-E10

These specifications are leaked from other sources, so they might not be 100% correct. You can consider the Sony ZV-E10 as the successor of the Sony ZV-1, the advanced vlogging camera launched by the company. As per the leaks, the Sony ZV-E10 price will be somewhere around $800 to $1000.

Will Sony ZV-E10 Have Image Stabilization?

As per the Sony ZV-E10 rumors, it will have both active and standard stabilization. Image stabilization will be available in the Sony ZV-E10 model. 

Should You Purchase The Sony ZV-E10 Camera?

As per Sony ZV-E10 specs, it is one of the best yet budget-friendly vlogging cameras in the market. Considering the specs and price point, the Sony ZV-E10 camera can become a perfect purchase for vloggers. 

Nevertheless, the accurate pricing isn’t confirmed yet; it might be between $800 to $1000. Above all, the price of the entire Sony vlogging camera kit, including this camera, will be priced around $1,100. 

In our opinion, if Sony gives some introductory offers like free lenses or discount codes, this model will become the best Sony camera for vlogging. Furthermore, we can’t judge this model ahead of this launch, so stay tuned for more updates!

Final Conclusion

At this point, we can only wait until the final launch of the Sony ZV-E10. We can’t even say this is the best vlogging camera cheap because many alternatives from Nikon are already available in the market.

Till then, stay tuned, and we’ll soon do the review and final comparison of the Sony ZV-E10 camera. 

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