Mobile photography accessories are important for smartphones and mobile are pushing the boundaries of phone photography with each release performing better than the last. These camera phones are using Incredible AI, multiple lenses, sensors, and software. Mobile photography accessories are making changes and these changes are turning a normal camera phone into professional cameras.

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It is getting much easy to get a professional shot even from your camera phone.

In this article, you will get to know about the accessories you need for smartphone photography: Let understand better now


Caring a DSLR bag is a challenge nowadays and having a smartphone with camera qualities like a profession DSLR is easy and hassle-free. Every professional photographer carries accessories with their DSLR, Mobile photographers also need accessories for their mobile photography.

If you are an avid photographer you can have a camera phone in your pocket with mobile photography accessories by investing some money, and they will deliver quality shots that are worthy. just like any other photography you need accessories for smartphone photography.

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OnePlus 8 (Onyx Black 8GB RAM+128GB Storage)


Specification of  OnePlus 8 (Onyx Black ): Camera

48MP rear camera with 4K video at 30/60 fps, 1080P video at 30/60 fps, super slow motion: 720p video at 480 fps, 1080p video at 240fps, time-lapse: 1080P 30fps, 4k 30fps, CINE aspect ratio video recording, ultrashot HDR, nightscape, micro, portrait, pro mode, panorama, cat&dog face detection&focus, AI scene detection, RAW image | 16MP front camera

Mobile photography accessories that you should have in your kit:


You are having one of the best camera phones and you know about photography guidelines but still not getting that perfect shot that you want to capture. You know why? Because you do not have those mobile photography accessories that are necessary for mobile photography. Everything that we encountered within our daily life they all have accessories loaded with them. Humans also need accessories to look good or to be efficient in their work, and just like that mobiles also need accessories to increase their efficiency.

The top 5 mobile photography accessories were necessary for mobile photography:


mobile photography accessories


Specification of SKYVIK SIGNI One 10mm Fisheye Lens

210° Angle Fisheye Lens- SIGNI one Fisheye Lens is the widest lens along with fisheye eye(Controlled Distortion) Effect without any black corners/vignetting

FishEye is best for getting creative with the camera and giving a new perspective to the shots.

SIGNI One Lenses are carved from premium grade Aluminium Alloy and multi Coated Aspherical glass to reduce reflections and light flares. Universal Detachable clip with Soft rubber ensures your device is free from scratches.


This must sound unfamiliar to most of the people but yes you can change lenses even in your smartphones. Just like DSLR have many ranges of lense from fisheye lens to full width, camera phones also provide you the opportunities of changing lenses and are essential for mobile photography. This mobile photography accessories was reinvented with a zooming technology just like any other DSLR. some year back the only drawback with these lenses was that the photographer can’t zoom with the easy of a DSLR, unlike the DSLR lens and you have to use your digital zoom. but now with technological advancement, you can find various lenses with optical zoom that is edging toward perfection in mobile photography with these mobile photography accessories. learn all about lenses.

learn about mobile photography tricks.

You will get the advantages of different lenses like fisheye, super-wide-angle, or macro shots, unlike normal point and shoot. You will also find options that allow you to interchange between the lenses quickly, you just need to buy that particular accessory. You need to select that proper add-on that fits with your phone and the type of photography you like, it can be snap-on or clip-on. these mobile photography accessories will help the photographer provides the edge in photography.

Here are some of the lens kits that are suitable for your smartphone photography and available at affordable rates.

Some of the popular and low-cost smartphone lens kits from AMIR, MPOW, NELOMO, and Xenvo are shown above. Here is what you can achieve with add-on or clip-on lenses:


mobile photography accessories


Specification of iVoltaa Universal iVMO Wide Angle and Macro Mobile Phone Lens

Clearvu 0. 45X wide-angle lens – capture 45 Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and premium optical glass for durability and clarity. 15X macro lens – capture all the intricacies and details with precision-focus. (For best results, position macro lens approximately 1/2 inch from the subject)



some phones may already have a telephoto lens, for the rest, you can get a telephoto lens that offers 2x to 12x zoom to get you real close to your subject. At 12x you probably need a tripod or table stop stand.
fisheye: 180° spherical effect macro pro lens: with up to 21x magnification for super-duper close-ups. 2x, 7x, 14x and 15x options are also available and are widely used as mobile photography accessories.
super wide-angle lens: with over 120 degrees, up to 155 degrees of field of view on some achieved through the use of a 4 element lens.

mobile photography accessories


Specification of olloclip 4-IN-1 Lens

The wide-angle lens approximately doubles the field of view. 10x macro lens has an approximate focus distance of 18mm.


Other lens kits may include filters such as the starburst filter, radial filter, polarized lens (CPL) filter, flow filter, kaleidoscope x3 and x6 for even more effects. Here are a couple of good examples of lens kit with filters which you can use in mobile photography accessories.

Most of these lenses are even designed for work on the front-facing or selfie camera. What you need to watch out for is how these lenses will cope if you have a case on your phone. Most slip-on or snap-on lenses are designed to work on the phone only, so you may need to ditch your case. Others lenses are designed as mobile photography accessories to work with third-party cases or a compatible phone case is offered as an option.

While you can buy just about any clip-on lenses for any smartphone at reasonably low prices, the ones that are designed specifically to work with a certain model are those that will offer the best quality. Olloclip has lens kits designed specifically for iPhone 7, 8, and iPhone X with a wide range of functions but it will only work with their own phone cases which are optional but a great add in your mobile photography accessories.


HIFFIN@Mini Table TOP Aluminium Telescopic Tripod for Camera, GO PRO,Mobile Phone (Silver)


Specification of HIFFIN@Mini Table TOP Aluminium Telescopic Tripod

  • Lightweight, portable mini tripod for compact/action cameras.
  • 360° rotatable ball head allows for multi-angle viewing.
  • Rubber ball feet provide a stable, anti-slip platform.



There are several types of tripods available in the market that are used as mobile photography accessories, between all the other Tabletop tripods are the cheapest, lightest and smallest tripods that you can have in your mobile photography accessories kit. Basically these tripods help your camera phone to stand and be still on a flat surface. Best used to take steady shots and stop yourself from getting encountered by blurry images. The blurry image is the biggest problem in smartphone photography.

You can also have a Gorillapod Stand instead of a tabletop tripod. There are more benefits as mobile photography accessories that you get from this tabletop tripod, it has a rubber grip which helps you to grip mount it and take steady and clear videos.

You can also get a kit where you will get multi-functional grip sticks that combines desktop tripod, grip handler, monopod, and mini tripod all in one. iKlip Grip Pro Multifunction Camera Stand and Joby GripTight PRO TelePod Tripod are good examples of multifunction tripods.

Compact full-size tripods are a great addition to your phone photography armory. Tripods are essential to help you take better photos when you are out and about. It’s perfect for taking landscape photos and photos using the telephoto lens. Just remember to get a smartphone mount if one is not included in your mobile photography accessories.

Digitek DTR 550LW Lightweight Tripod (Maximum Load up to 5 kg),


Specification of Digitek DTR 550LW Lightweight Tripod

Capture vivid, professional-style photographs with help from this Digitek DTR 550 Lightweight Tripod. It’s a useful camera accessory for both, novice and professional photographers alike, this handy tripod accommodates a wide range of digital, video and still cameras and comes loaded with user-friendly features.

HIGHLY COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with most video cameras, digital cameras, still cameras, GoPro devices, Smartphone adapters and scopes.

Multi Functional Gorila Tripod


Specification of Kamron Flexible Multi Functional Gorila Tripod

Weight: 240G, Height: 13 Inch, MAX LOAD: 2KG

Perfect for Travel: compact and lightweight, this tripod is perfect to throw in your bag for Phones, Camera & Dslr

The rubberized ring and foot grips provide enhanced stability on difficult terrain.


Universal Tripod Mount

Now you have a lens, tripod, and LED, and you need something to hold them good. You need a Universal Tripod Mount for your mobile photography accessories kit. These mounts support you camera phone tight and steady and help you use all the feature you want to use to take a steady shot, these universal tripod mount can be screwed to the tripod and have a bracket holder that you can use to clamp and secure your phone.

Many brands offer to change the orientation of your phone and let you convert from landscape to portrait with just a single turn action. Many other brands offer you to use the flashlights as well which you can attach at the top of the phone and click a steady image even in low light. the universal tripod mount is one of the essential mobile photography accessories.

Here are some of the recommended and best-reviewed mounts –

HUMBLE Universal Monopod Holder Clip for Mobile Camera Holder and Tripod Mount Holder- Black


Specification of HUMBLE Universal Monopod Holder Clip for Mobile Camera Holder and Tripod Mount Holder- Black

Humble phone monopod mount is lightweight and perfect for taking photos.

Features tripod screws on both sides, a soft foam bumper, stretchable rubber arms and protective rubber lips.

Humble monopod holder allows you to mount your cell phone vertically or horizontally, for a wider variety of picture with this tripod phone mount.

Everycom Camera Stand Clip Bracket Holder Tripod Monopod Mount Adapter for Mobile Phone


Specification of Everycom Camera Stand Clip Bracket Holder Tripod Monopod Mount Adapter for Mobile Phone

Just fit this mobile holder attachment to any tripod and you are ready to shoot stable with standard tripod hole, you can install in any 1/4″ tripod stand.

Works as an iPhone Tripod Mount for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4s, 4 and also works with Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S6, S5, S4, S3, S2 Cell Phone Tripod Mount. Most cell phones will fit in this tripod mount without removing them from their protective cases.

 Camera Rig

All the above four mobile photography accessories are recommended and will give you an edge in your smartphone photography. But here is a bonus accessory for you which has almost all the necessary attachments you should have in your mobile photography kit.

Camera Rig is the one important accessories to have with you if you want to do more with your smartphone photography, rather than just clicking a regular image. It helps you to hold, move, stop blurs, and more with attachments of the lens, mic, lights, and more.

Every mobile photography accessories that you will buy can be fitted in it and make your mobile really close to a DSLR camera. With the help of a camera rig, you can take not just an amazing photographer but also a still video shot without any shakiness.

Everycom Camera Stand Clip Bracket Holder Tripod Monopod Mount Adapter for Mobile Phone


Making Rig for All Smart Phones Video Rig Mobile Phone Holder Hand Grip Bracket Holder Stabilizer – Black

Everycom Camera Stand Clip Bracket Holder Tripod Monopod Mount Adapter for Mobile Phone

SHYLOC 18 Inches Big LED Ring Light for Photo and Video with Tripod Stand Compatible with Camera and Smartphones