mi led smart bulb, 3 ways to make your home amazingly beautiful


  • MI LED Smart bulb has 16 million integrated color LEDs and an optimized evenly mixed lighting. The MI LED smart bulb is fully customizable with brilliant lights and vibrant colors.  
  • The MI LED smart bulb can customize brightness and color temperature according to your needs and moods.
  • Mi LED Smart Bulb gets Essential supports voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can change the color, adjust the temperature and brightness on your command.
  • The Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential has a WIFI module that connects with the MI Home application using a WIFI network. 
  • The Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential is a lightweight, cheaper, flawless design and energy saver smart bulb which everyone can have in their house. 


Talking about smart appliances and you do not discuss how Xiaomi is launching smart appliances in the affordable range is impossible. Xiaomi is a huge IoT segment in China, and they are growing rapidly by launching their amazing products one by one. Along with mi led smart bulb They have launched a couple of smart appliances such as the Mi Air Purifier 3H, Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Mi Smart Sensor Set, Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P, Mi Ionic Hairdryer and many more. 

Now They have recently launched “Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential” The Xiaomi mi led smart bulb is competing against the Philips, Syska, Wipro, Ikea, LIFX smart bulbs. In comparison to the price definitely, it is cheaper than any other set of bulbs. Let’s find out the difference in the features and unique design of the bulb.  Mi LED Smart Bulb resembles a LED bulb but, Xiaomi has packaged some smart features within the unit which causes it to work wonders. For starters, unlike a few smart lighting alternatives from some other manufacturers, the Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb doesn’t require a hub or bridge to function like Philips hue

MI LED smart bulb

mi led smart bulb

The bulb has it’s built-in WIFI hub that connects directly to WIFI and smartphone router and the world via an easy application. All it requires is internet connectivity with the mobile and bulb. The Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential can be used as a desk lamp or can be mounted over the ceiling. It has 16 million colors and it emits up to 950 lumens at 9 watts, equivalent to a 69-watt conventional incandescent lamp. The LED has a lifetime of Approx.25,000 h and 125000 Cycles of on & off. The fitting is of an E27 base which is commonly known as a screw-type fitting bulb. 

About the Mi led smart bulb

The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb comes with a built-in Wi-Fi which to Xiaomi’s servers over the internet by using your MI account and Wi-Fi router at your house. Setup is really easy and quick, just have to plug into the bulb and switch it on.

Preparing the bulb is easy too — the very first time you set the bulb into your account, The only thing to do is power it on five times by using a 2-second gap in between and it’ll reset to factory defaults after flashing in different colors as a signal. Once flashed, you have to pull up the Xiaomi Mi Home program in your smartphone and include the Smart Bulb within an appliance.

The Wi-Fi at the bulb will make a temporary hotspot to which you have to link your smartphone. The installation instructions of mi led smart bulb, on the program are clear and simple to follow. Sign up for my MI account and select the bulb. Add the Wi-Fi network and the bulb is then going to be added into your own account and in your own Wi-Fi system for your mi led smart bulb.

mi led smart bulb
mi led smart bulb

After setup, the program is all you want to run the bulb. You are able to do several things with the Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb like turn on, increase or reduce the level of the light, change its colors or perhaps utilize the built-in profiles into particular modes. The bulb can be managed by all your family members and control or operate the bulb out of a remote location so long as the Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb is directly linked to the web.

You might even set programs to automatically turn off or on the bulb at particular time intervals. If you can have more than one bulb, you are able to form a group and command them together also. Last, the bulb can also be compatible with Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa in which it is possible to use your voice to teach the voice supporters to control the bulbs.

The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb is assembled using three components — high transparency and high light scattering the electronics and the LEDs beneath it, there is a  plastic-clad aluminum structure which enables better insulation and greater heat dissipation aside from providing a unique design to get a fabulous appearance, and also an E27 bulb fitting for the power link.

Features everyone don’t know

The application is feature-rich and there are a lot of controllers out there. At first, it is possible to lock the accessibility utilizing any kind of password so that only you can only control it. Using the application you can do a lot of things such as set timings of the bulb, colors or plain white, change the intensity or mode. There are some predefined settings which you can use to control your bulb actions such as Sunrise, Sunset, Movie, Birthday, Romantic evening, Cozy Home, date Night, Flash Notification, and even candle Flicker. 

MI LED smart bulb

 The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb does run hot, definitely it depends upon the intensity where it’s being used. When at full strength, it runs slightly hotter, as compared to rated bulbs. The heat dissipation does look pretty good, and it would definitely help the bulb’s life.

To change colors and intensity is quite simple the display has the colors that you would like to create and all you have to do is swipe right to select the color and swipe up to down to alter the intensity. The intensity could be controlled on a scale of 0 to 100%. The MI bulb has different variants in white or you can just change the intensity of the color.

At each point, until you feel the color and intensity is ideal for you When you hit the Heart icon on the top of the application and you’ll be able to save the settings as a favorite. So the next time you want the lights in that specific mood, simply go to the favorites and pick the mode.


Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential is unquestionably a good asset to your home.

Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential is unquestionably a good asset to your home due to its Feature-rich app, a built-in hub within the bulb, and works great with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The mi led smart bulb is also cheaper than other smart bulbs at this point in time. The one and the only problem is the bulb fitting which is E27. Nowadays modern houses embracing increasingly more ceiling-based flush LED lights that mount {inside|indoors} false ceilings, we’d simply want that Xiaomi also attempts to bring in additional versions into the current market with mi led smart bulb, similar to what other brands like Philips, Wipro along with a couple of others. 

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