Highlights (Philips hue starter kit): 

1. The Philips hue starter kit is the most effective and most straightforward way to set up a smart bulb ecosystem.

2. The smart bulb has 16 million colors to play with, and it instantly changes according to the look and atmosphere of your        room. 

3. The Philips Hue can connect with third-party applications and sync with the music, and react differently according to the        rhythm. 

4. The Philips hue has lights pre-set time feature so that the lights can be scheduled according to your daily schedule. 

5. The Philips Hue starter kit works with Amazon Alexa, apple home kit, and google home to allow you to control your light        with command. 

The Philips hue starter kit is around for a while now; considering their progress, they have done a great job. The wirelessly controlled mix of light bulbs with a hub has seen three generations of enhancements and updates up to now. It is worth noting that Philips Hue bulbs usually support white, white, and color ambiance and white ambiance.

The Philips hue starter kit set includes: 

1. 3 x E27 bulb

2. Bridge included with cables

3. White and colored light

philips hue starter kit

The Philips hue bulbs are LED dimmable and rated for 16 million colors, and dimensions are 62x113x62. They were each rated lifetime for 25,000 hours and 50,000 on/off cycles.

Setting up the Philips Hue Starter Kit A60 was more straightforward than I expected. All you need to do is connect the Hue Bridge with a Wi-Fi router working with the bundled ethernet cable and powering it. Since all of the home bulb holders supported the typical B22d (bayonet) mount along with the bulbs at the kit have been E27 (the screw mount), You have to purchase converters from a regional electrical shop.

philips hue starter kit

With all the bulbs fitted and plugged in, you can download the Philips Hue application on the smartphone. Using the easy on-screen alternatives, You can search your bulb in the application and connect them one by one. Once the bulb is connected, the app asks to connect the Hue bridge and press one button on the device. The features work similarly to the WPS protocol for Wi-Fi links. You can rename the space or your bulb to categories each and assign all three bulbs’ names or titles to make it identifiable. 

The most important thing that the Philips Hue starter comes with a two-year guarantee. On the box, Philips has mentioned that it supports communication protocol-Zigbee and voice control using Alexa, google assistant, or apple’s Siri. Connecting Philips hue with your AI speaker will give you an edge over your smart house system. An ability to control your surroundings with your voice by just talking to your AI assistant. 

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philips hue starter kit

Smart speakers are the fastest and most straightforward way to control the light at home. Additionally, there are the tools to change your lights or fiddle with all the functions inside the smartphone program if you are not in precisely the same area as the speaker.

Asking Alexa to “turn off my bedroom lights would lead to all three bulbs going off all at the same time. On the other hand, saying the name of the light which you have set up in your Philips Hue application would lead to just that specific light going off.

philips hue starter kit

Controlling the bulbs using only your voice is a great deal easier than cleaning your teeth in the morning. Amazon Echo connection with Philips Hue exhibited a meager amount of latency. The bulbs would respond within a second of me providing the voice control. That is the best mark for responsiveness.


Hue is one of the very accomplished platforms, and also the Starter Kit is the perfect and cheaper way to begin filling your house filled with smart products from the manufacturer. You could find the three bulbs to change temperature and color whenever you want with the smart speaker or application, provided that the Hue Bridge is linked to a Wi-Fi router. 

The color bulbs Philips Hue provides will be the highlight, but if you do not need you’ll probably be satisfied with either the white or ambiance color, which can be a little more affordable than the full-size crossover Starter Kit. Don’t think more. Go and get your own Philips Hue starter kit for your house or room and be lazy with Alexa as much as you wish to be.