Nikon Z FC Camera Review – Retro Mirrorless Camera Combined With The Modern DX Sensors

If you look at Nikon’s history, it is full of awe-inspiring cameras and lenses. Among the history, the Nikon FM2 film camera was released in the 1980s and discontinued in 2001. 

You might be wondering why we’re talking about the Nikon FM2 film camera. Honestly speaking, the retro design of the newly launched Nikon Z FC mirrorless camera is actually inspired by the Nikon FM2 film camera. 

You could consider this mirrorless camera the successor of the Nikon DSLR camera (DF variant) because it too has modern photography technology paired with the retro design. In comparison, Nikon Z FC was compared with the Nikon Z50 by the experts. 

Nevertheless, Nikon Z FC is far better than the Nikon Z50 camera in terms of features and will undoubtedly give you the vibes of 80s and 90s photography. Here, we’re sharing our advanced yet unbiased Nikon Z FC review for photography enthusiasts. 

Nikon Z FC Camera Review – Retro Mirrorless Camera Combined With The Modern DX Sensors

Nikon Z FC Hardware – The Same As Nikon FM2 Camera, But With Some More Adjustments

As per the Nikon Z FC specification, the 20.9-megapixel camera DX sensor is the soul of this camera. The autofocus system is making a huge presence in the primary mount that makes this camera more appealing.

Nevertheless, the autofocus system is placed behind the mirrorless lens mount, making it easier to access the F-mount SLR lenses and Z-series lenses. But, the adapter is still required.

Considering the Nikon Z FC features, the company has done cost-cutting with this camera. Nikon DF series cameras had better sensors and were highly durable compared to a Nikon Z FC camera.

Nikon Z FC Hardware – The Same As Nikon FM2 Camera, But With Some More Adjustments

Nikon Z FC Design – Combined With The Latest Technology And The Analog Controls

At the Nikon Z FC release date, experts found that the front details follow the old-school style. The ‘Nikon’ badging is still the same as the 80s and 90s cameras. On the top side, you can see the tactile and analog controls. It includes separate ISO controls, shutter speed buttons, and exposure dials. 

As per the Nikon Z FC specifications, you can access the entire ISO range (100-51, 200) with the ISO dial button at the top. Hi.1 and Hi.2 settings are also accessible via the dials located at the top side. However, there is no extra space remaining on the top side of this camera. 

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated dial for switching to different modes. There is one small switch just beside the ISO dial that allows the photographer to switch between different modes. It’s good to see that Nikon has smartly used the top deck of this camera. 

Nikon Z FC Performance – It’s Same As Nikon Z50

Unbelievably, the Nikon Z FC lenses will also fit the Nikon Z50. The reason is the sensors and processing engines of Nikon Z50, and Nikon Z FC is the same. In our opinion, the performance and image quality of both these cameras will be relatively similar.

The dynamic range of this camera is pretty well; it can preserve the minute details easily. Once you start using this camera, you’ll realize the latitudes of this camera’s raw files are good enough, and extreme brightness won’t become a problem. The natural lighting conditions won’t be able to add excess noise or decrease the overall saturation level.

The 20.9-megapixel camera can capture JPEG images and 14 bit or 12 bit.NEF images. There are around 20 picture controls like Monochrome, Vivid, Auto, Neutral, Landscape, etc.

When it comes to autofocus, it comes with the 209-point hybrid system, which is the same as Nikon Z50 with some minor improvements. The performance-related details were almost revealed through the Nikon rumors ZFC

Nikon Z FC Camera Review – Retro Mirrorless Camera Combined With The Modern DX Sensors

Nikon Z FC Pricing – Fair Enough As Per The Specifications

Nikon Z FC camera was launched just a couple of days ago, and it will be soon available in the final days of July. The body kit of the Nikon Z FC will cost around $960. If you’re willing to pay around $1,100, you get the entire body kit with the special 16-50 mm kit lens.

If you’re purchasing the special 16-50mm kit lens separately, you have to spend around $300. There is one more lens available, Nikon Z 28mm f/2.8 (SE) special edition, available in the combo with the body kit for around $1,200. For purchasing this lens separately, you have to spend around $300. 

If you want this camera to look cool and colorful, some limited edition variants of this camera will be available for around $1,200, along with the DX-16 50mm lens. The Nikon Z FC price mentioned above is as per the details available on the Nikon USA. 

The Final Verdict

Before you think about Nikon Z FC buy, read our final verdict of this camera. It’s not easy to get hands-on on this camera, but all the specifications are still revealed. Apart from the features, performance, and pricing, the handling and build quality plays a significant role for every photographer. 

This camera puts the fundamentals first, instead of the looks and design. As this camera is very identical to Nikon Z50, you can still expect exceptional image quality. The handling is quite different, but you’ll indeed fall in love with this camera. 

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