6 Important guidelines for mobile photography is listed in this article. A 10 mint of reading will be a good investment in your photography journey. The article listed with 6 important guidelines for mobile photography which can make a beginner photographer to had an edge in their photography skills. If you have An iPhone then here are some great tips for you.

Let dive in deep and understand all the guideline for your best mobile photography idea.

1.FILL THE FRAME in your smartphone photography (guidelines for mobile photography)

Let’s elaborate this guidelines for mobile photography with simple steps –

How can you fill the frame?

Fill the frame with a certain color, certain visual element, or your subject to make a more engaging/interesting photo.

1. If you see an interesting subject in front of yourself and want to capture it. Go close to that subject and just simplify its background for a smartphone photo. It is an important guidelines for mobile photography.

This technique help photographers to capture great closeups for their subject. It gives a detailed view of subject that enhances viewers experience.

smartphone photography tips
mobile phone photography

2. Sometimes it may get difficult to simplify the background. In that case, you can also capture that object by crouching down and clicking the photograph with your subject against the sky.

3. Use only one or two colors in the whole frame. It will be much better if you get the shot with an HD color in your frame. Observe your photo in small thumbnails and you will get to know if the click was proper or not.


4. Try to use a simple background as possible. Some guidelines for mobile photography is very simple. The simple background will enhance the creativity of your subject. You can as your subject to move towards the background or you can just position it as it is. The use of a simple background is an important guideline for mobile photography which you find in every photography course.

5. Find reflection around the subject and fill the frame without disturbing the object. it will enhance the viewing time of your camera phone photography.


6. Find reflection around the subject and fill the frame without disturbing the subject. These guidelines for mobile photography will enhance the storytelling abitilty of your image.

7. When you see a colorful background put your object in front of that colorful background. Look at the edge of the frame and fill the frame with bold colors. filling up, guidelines for mobile photography, with bold colors can nurture your click.

mobile photography ideas
Portrait photography with phone

8. If you want to take a bold portrait go close to it and use the flash with an accurate setting of your aperture. while these guidelines for mobile photography helps you to get a great portrait. The aperture should be set according to the light. This technique is very much recommended for street portraits and is one of the most important guidelines for mobile photography.

2. USE A FRAME WITHIN THE FRAME ( guidelines for mobile photography)

Look for frames inside of your frame, compose your subject, and make another interesting frame.

First thing first, what it means by ‘Frame within a Frame’?

When a photographer uses a scene or any structure within the photo itself to represent it as a frame for the subject. here in these guidelines for mobile photography The scene or structure makes the focus towards the original subject and that is called a frame within a frame. This technique of frame within a frame helps your photography to improve in many ways. It is important guidelines for mobile photography that draw attention to the subject from the distractions, add layers and depth to the image which make it more interesting, and most importantly frame in a frame create a mystery image which led to viewers hold and stare reaction.

You should use a frame within a frame technique whenever you find it. It gives the composition to your photography which is much needed by every photographer. Like other knowledge of techniques as well as technical knowledge like lighting, you don’t need it for composition. And if your composition is correct, it can give your image a new definition and result in an amazing picture. This technique or guidelines for mobile photography is not only for mobile photography but anyone can use this technique to capture interesting images.


There are several opportunities of framing for smartphone photography ideas.

You will get an endless framing opportunity, just try to focus a little bit more towards your surrounding. guidelines for mobile photography while doing cellphone photography you can find the frame in nature as trees, clouds, etc. even you will encounter many man-made frames like windows, bridges, buildings etc.

Try to capture a frame in frame photograph regularly as the more you capture the more you get the experience and exposure. Now you have done with 2 most important guidelines for mobile photography, here’s more for you.


3. Rule of third

Guidelines for mobile photography to use your grid lines in such a way that your subject sticks to a particular point and you capture an amazing image. The easiest way to improve your cell phone photography skills.

Let us see what it actually is-

The rule of third is basically used to improve the flow and direction of your image and is one of the most important guidelines in mobile photography from us. It is basically a rule for composition.


Here I’ve attached a whole article which will give you a complete idea about the rule of third.

4. Leading lines

Keep looking for interesting lines in your frame which will guide your eyes onto your subject. guidelines for mobile photography, That will create another beautiful frame and an important guideline for mobile photography.

It may look very unfamiliar and technical words, leading lines, but it is not. Leading lines in important guidelines for mobile photography is a simple composition technique that you can learn very easily.

What happens is our eyes already follow this line as they create clarity and distinction to our views. These lines portrait the image and lead us to the journey and depth as a story. These lines give the image a powerful meaning and important guideline in mobile photography is that if you give powerful meaning to an image it will look more interesting. Leading lines can be the main focus of your image or you can use it as a tool in your photography. The importance of  Leading lines in guidelines for mobile photography is very high.


Leading lines are easy to be found around you. If you look outside towards a building, stairs, fence, etc you will find the idea about it. Look at those shapes and find lines in its guidelines for mobile photography. These lines will lead your perspective to a point, where you have to put your subject. There are a few more examples to find leading lines like walls, paths, and rivers.

There’s a hack in these important guidelines for mobile photography for lading lines. Try to look for the lines that curve through the image and make your subject more interesting. When you search in nature you will find several examples of curving a leading line. Look for a river, it curves to the mountain and will guide to the guidelines for mobile photography. Look for a group of trees and find the curve in it. Check the roads and search for places where it curves. There are several opportunities that you get to capture your image with curve lines.

Spiral patterns can be the best leading line and are important guidelines for mobile photography. Put the subject at the center end of the spiral and capture that interesting image.

These important guidelines for mobile photography especially in leading lines are to check where the leading lines taking the focus of the image.

When we look to an image we start focusing at the very center of the image after that only we look to other parts of the image. Crouch down to take a more expansive image and get an interesting composition. Always place your subject to the end of leading lines for an amazing shot. The lines should complement the subject and bring the viewer into what the subject is doing. A good example of this is taking a picture of someone at the end of a long hallway.

If you are worried about the camera angle then don’t be. The most important guideline for mobile photography in the leading line is to put the camera angle perfect. There are many possibilities for great composition in leading lines. Put the camera angle in such a way that subject lies at the center of focus. Create symmetry by putting the leading lines in the center of the image. It may add interest to add diagonals that lead the viewer across the image to an ending point using the rule of thirds. Placing the diagonal so it emerges from the corner leads to a start and a finished view which is very pleasing to the eye.

One of the most important guidelines in mobile photography is to strengthen the image.

The biggest mistake beginner mobile photographers to do is that they go to take an image using leading lines and their lines are not straight. They have slightly turned the phone when taking the picture at an angle.  This makes for good looking images but not great ones. To solve this problem the phone has an option to turn on a grid. This will help you ensure that your images are straight. If you really need to straighten an image you can alter it in post-processing. A final tip, that can really help to get straight images is to use a tripod or stabilizer.

Most important guidelines for mobile photography to keep in mind are –

1. Take time before taking the shot and search for lines and shapes.

2. Finding a curve leading line will be more effective.

3. Put your subject at the center of the leading line for a more interesting capture.

4. Always click a straight image with leading lines.

5. Using a tripod (  mobile photography accessories ) will help you to get a straight and interesting image.

5. Rule of odds

Rule of odd is another interesting and important guidelines for mobile photography that you can put into practice to create interesting images. The rule of odds states that images are more visually appealing when there is an odd number of subjects.

Try to use subjects in odd numbers like if you want to click photography of some peoples then make it a 3, 5,7, and so on. It’s not always necessary but whenever you find an opportunity to do so then do it. when you are not just shooting real-life but composing images (still life, family groups, flowers) remember the rule of odds. Studies have shown that people are actually more at ease and comfort when viewing imagery with an odd number of subjects. Rule of odds is a very important guidelines for mobile photography. use it to make a more interesting image.


6. Symmetry

The last important guideline for mobile photography Is Symmetry.

Symmetry is another one once you train your eye to start looking for this it will become your second nature.


But what symmetry is in mobile photography?

If both sides of the object similar to a mirror image of each other then it’s said to be symmetrical. There you will find a line between both the side which is known as the line of symmetry. And line of symmetry is important guidelines in mobile photography to check whether your image makes the viewers stair more or not.

Symmetry is a guidelines for mobile photography that is mainly used to create harmony and a sense of aesthetically pleasing balance and proportion in a photograph. You probably remember learning about symmetry in geometry class, but I rarely see photographers apply it in their work. That’s too bad because symmetry is a powerful photographic tool. Symmetry is all around us and has always been associated with beauty, so why not use it? Depending on how you are holding the camera and how much of a scene you choose to show, you can strengthen or weaken the symmetric properties of an object or scene.

Although there are many types of symmetries, for our purpose let’s focus on two types:

Vertical Line of Symmetry (VLS): If an object’s line of symmetry is perpendicular to the horizon line, it has a vertical line of symmetry.

Horizontal Line of Symmetry (HLS): If an object’s line of symmetry is parallel to the horizon line, it has a horizontal line of symmetry.

If you follow these important guidelines for mobile photography soon

photography will become easy for you.