Before knowing about mobile photography trick always try to keep your grid lines on, carry a lens cleaner with you and clean your lens with it.

Mobile photography is the art of taking pictures of your mobile phones. Using mobile photography trick and the camera quality of a smartphone is preferable. Taking pictures from your mobile phones and posting it online is becoming more popular than ever. mobile photography trick can be used in this era to make your mobile photography as good as any DSLR photos.

Now we have an idea about mobile photography,

let’s see few mobile photography tricks to enhance your photography skills.

1. Rule of spaces (easiest mobile photography trick)

Rule of space is a very rare and ignored rule in mobile photography. Rule of spaces is a mobile photography trick to make your image more interesting without putting a lot of efforts.

The trick to make your mobile photography look more interesting with Rule of spaces is to add more space with your subject. Make the image full of connections with your viewers. 

mobile photography trick 1.

It will be more effective if you add the visual space in the direction the object is moving or the direction the object is looking. The trick to make your mobile photography more interesting with rule of spaces is to lead the viewers’ eyes toward the space.

So simple to use. This trick helps photographers to put the visual space very efficiently or where to place their subect.

mobile photography trick

2. Left to right

Left to right sounds a bit different in the world of photography, right? But it is a mobile photography trick to make your image more interesting.


mobile photography trick 5.
mobile photography trick 3.

Let’s see how –

Science behind this left to right is that human eye start viewing anything from their left side. This  Mobile photography trick is to increase your images view time and enhance the story within. When people start viewing any image or anything they start it from the left side and end it on the right. So when you put your focused subject in the right side, you make a story in your capture. Your image will get more viewing time from your viewers.

3. Create depth/ Depth of field  – lets answer this question first. what is depth of field?

Depth of field or DOF is the distance between the objects in the frame. we can also say that it is the distance between the subject and its background. with the help of depth of field we can see the area within the depth very sharp and clear. but the area beyond the depth of field appears to be blurry, making the image vivid for the subject.

mobile photography trick 4.

A few years back Depth of field was hard to get with a mobile phone and need a third-party app for it. But in the new era of smartphones, with technological advancement, we can easily achieve it. you can check for the auto mode or even in the pro mode, depth of field can be easily set. In mobile photography trick, DOF can be very effective while clicking an image. Depth of field mobile photography trick is used mainly in portrait photography.

Whenever taking a portrait move things around a bit and make this shot look a little more interesting by creating depth in the image instead of clicking a flat image. But if you create depth, I will show you what it means it will become a little more interesting.

It requires a little thinking, moving things around so that we get to decide.  Now move away and use the zoom lens. Try to keep something in the foreground like flowers that will create an element and a sense of depth.

Try to create some elements in the foreground not always but sometimes.

4. Simplification

In the word itself you can sense the idea behind this mobile photography trick. yes you guessed it right, all you need to do is to simplify the image. There are few steps to simply your image, lets talk about them.

a. Use simplified gears for your mobile photography 

No need for fancy equipments or very high-end smartphones to click a simple but extraordinary image. Few accessories can help you to take a good portrait or any kind of image that you want.

b. Use simplified camera settings

Camera settings is the key to unlock your internal photographer. If you master to use your mobile camera settings then you will easily master the mobile photography trick. Use you camera setting to an extend of you expansion. Search for the settings which will allow you to make your camera simple but accurate. Use pro mode of your mobile camera to simplify your captures and do experiments with your photography.


mobile photography trick 7.
c. Remove distraction from your image

What do we mean by distraction here? Let’s see the image on the right, you will find many objects in a single frame.

These distractions make your image very disturbed and your viewers will not find it interesting.

Try to click having a subject in focus and the background very simple.

This mobile photography trick allows your image to be very eye catchy to your viewers and they spend more time finding it more interesting.

mobile photography trick 14.
d. Get close to your subject

Whenever you find an interesting face or an interesting subject in front of you get close to it. Do not zoom, get close to your subject and simplify your background and click that picture.


mobile photography trick 10.

5. Use a tripod

Using a tripod for you mobile photography can be the best mobile photography trick for you. Yes you heard it right. We ignore having a tripod for our mobile photography as we don’t know how useful it is. Let’s see why using a tripod can be your best choice and be the best mobile photography trick.

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1. Helps in taking long exposure photographs :

It is almost impossible to take a long exposure image without using a tripod. Even in many low light situations, it is necessary to capture an image with long exposure to get a clear view. If you use your hand for long exposure you won’t be able to get a clear image. Hands are shaky and can degrade the image clarity, delivering shaky image.


2. Helps to capture with smooth movement of the camera:

You need to move your camera many time while capture an outdoor image. While moving your camera it get shaky pictures which decrease the quality of your image. In outdoor photography the stable your mobile is the better you will get to capture. Even when clicking a panorama it is almost impossible to move your smartphone in a line. . Many tripods (though not all) come with a bezel to facilitate smooth and easy movement that can be restricted to a single plane.

3. Taking good selfies:

Yes you heard it right”. Using tripod for selfies was uncommon mobile photography trick. But with recent virals peoples are getting to know about the benefits of using tripod in selfies. Using Tripod for selfie increasing the clarity, vividness as well as look of your face.


Photography seems hard to learn for beginners but if you use simple guidelines and some accessories it will be fun. If you learn to simplify any image it will allow you to capture simple but great image. These mobile photography trick will help you in achieving your photography goals.