GoPro Hero 9 vs. Hero 8 vs. GoPro MAX: Which GoPro is the best?

GoPro’s Hero cameras are unbeatable in the field of action cameras since their first launch. Their latest flagship camera, GoPro Hero 9, has become the first action camera to offer 5K video quality, touch-enabled view screen, and front-facing view screen. Nevertheless, people are already behind GoPro 9 vs. GoPro Max and confused about which GoPro is the best. Even the previously launched GoPro Hero 8 camera was also an exceptional device. 

When it comes to choosing GoPro according to your needs, should you move further than the Hero series? Back in 2019, GoPro Max was launched, the successor of the original GoPro original camera. Undoubtedly, Max cannot beat the GoPro Hero flagship cameras in numerous aspects, but some features are missing in the Hero series. 

So, the battle here is GoPro Hero 9 vs. GoPro Max vs. GoPro Hero 8; which GoPro is the best? Let’s find out which GoPro camera is best according to your needs. 

GoPro Max vs. GoPro Hero 8 vs. GoPro Hero 9 – Processor And Sensor

GoPro cameras are based on highly advanced GP1-chip and CMOS sensors. Comparing both Hero series and GoPro Max models, GoPro 9 is slightly better because of the higher battery capacity and uptime score. 

Coming to the GoPro Max, the shots will be captured at 5.5 megapixels; the image quality might disappoint in the low light conditions. However, the natural lighting won’t make the captures noisy and highly saturated. Here, you don’t get the option of capturing the raw pictures like Hero 8 because the Max model is based on 360 degrees shooting. The wide aperture 18-megapixel camera will capture all those fantastic action shots. One key advantage of using GoPro Max over the Hero cameras is capturing panoramic shots at 6.2 megapixels. 

Coming back to Hero 8 and Hero 9, ‘Superphoto mode’ is based on intelligent scene analysis that further optimizes the shots. This thing is missing in the GoPro Max. 

The ‘Superphoto mode’ combines noise reduction, high dynamic range, and tone mapping and optimizes the shots. The objective here is to enhance the details of the captures without creating any noise. 

In terms of sensor and performance, if you do GoPro Hero 8 vs. GoPro Hero 9 vs. GoPro Max, the Hero 9 model beats its predecessor and the Max model. However, if 360-degree shooting is the priority, GoPro Hero camera models cannot compete with the GoPro Max. 

GoPro Max vs GoPro Hero 8 vs GoPro Hero 9 – Video

This is the point where all the three models aren’t similar to each other. GoPro Hero 9 comes with Sony IMX 677, the latest upgrade in the Hero series. Previously, GoPro was addicted to Sony IMX 277, but finally, they have shifted to a new sensor. 

If someone asks you which GoPro has the best quality, only say GoPro Hero 9. As a result, GoPro Hero 9 is slightly expensive, but the sensor size is the same as GoPro Hero 8 Black, i.e., 1/2.3. GoPro 9 is equipped with all the photo modes of the GoPro Hero 8 like Hypersmooth stabilization, TimeWrap mode, better video enhancement modes, the ability to capture shots of 4K at 60fps, and 1080P at 240fps. 

We also cannot forget the Media Mod and Light Mod which are super beneficial for travel vloggers. In simpler words, GoPro Hero 9 is beating GoPro Hero 8 because of the Sony IMX 677 sensor and 20 MP resolution. 

Coming to the GoPro Max, the biggest key feature of this model is shooting 6k footage in all directions. The stabilization is very steady and noise-free, and users have the freedom to edit the 360-degree scenes through their smartphones. One thing to be noted, there is no HDR mode on Max, which isn’t a significant concern for the photographers. The key modes available in the Max model are advanced time-lapse and Max TimeWrap, which are advantageous for the action vloggers. 

So you might be wondering, is GoPro Max better than GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Hero 9? GoPro Hero 9 is the latest flagship and better than both GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Max because it has a better sensor, advanced features, and you’ll indeed get better video and picture quality. 

GoPro Max vs GoPro Hero 8 vs GoPro Hero 9 – Screen

The GoPro max screen is smaller than GoPro Hero 9 and GoPro Hero 8. All three GoPro cameras come with a widescreen ratio of 16:9. The GoPro Max screen is 1.7 inches. The screen of the GoPro is super responsive, but you might struggle with the brightness indoors. 

The GoPro Hero 8 comes with a 1.95-inch screen which is slightly better than GoPro Max. The back screen is responsive and bright enough to view the settings indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, the latest flagship of GoPro, the Hero 9, comes with a new front display, and the back display’s size is around 2.27 inches. Both the rear and back screens of Hero 9 are very responsive. 

In terms of screen quality, if you’re doing GoPro Hero 8 vs. GoPro 9 vs. GoPro Max, the latest GoPro’s flagship is single-handedly beating its predecessors.

GoPro Max vs. GoPro Hero 8 vs. GoPro Hero 9 – Build Quality And Water Resistant

GoPro Max, GoPro Hero 8, and GoPro Hero 9 come with the robust build quality, making them ideal for action shooting. Nevertheless, GoPro Max and GoPro 8 don’t have a sleek and clean design; they are pretty boxy and old-school types. 

The GoPro Hero 8 comes with a rubberized matt black finish where the 360 degrees lens is placed on one side and the screen on another side. This model comes with a water-resistant capacity of 10 meters. You also have the liberty to cover the primary lens and screen with guards, but such gears can make the camera bulky. Nevertheless, GoPro Hero 8 is still slimmer than GoPro Max and GoPro Hero 9. 

The GoPro Hero 9 weighs around 160g, slightly higher than GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Max. Nevertheless, the water-resistant rating of the GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro 9 is the same. On the other hand, the water-resistant rating of the GoPro Max is only 5 meters. 

In terms of build quality and waterproofing, the comparison between all these cameras has become intensely competitive. If somebody asks you, is GoPro Max worth it? Your answer should be ‘Yes’ in terms of build quality and 360 degrees shooting. Undoubtedly, GoPro is far better in terms of build quality because it is made for action shooting. 

On the contrary, GoPro Hero 8 is more sleek and lightweight than GoPro Hero 9 and GoPro Max, but the dials and buttons are very small. GoPro Hero 9 isn’t lightweight but easy to handle and carry because the dial buttons are bigger. 

GoPro Max vs. GoPro Hero 8 vs. GoPro Hero 9 – Battery

GoPro Hero 8 battery is the same as GoPro Hero 7, but there is an up gradation in the power management. Like, if you’re using the GoPro Hero 7 battery in the Hero 8, a security alert will pop up indicating some features won’t work. It comes with a 1220mah removable lithium battery that will last around 50-60 minutes on continuous use. As a result, the GoPro Hero 8 battery is sufficient for day shooting and filming some short videos. You can also use the power bank instead of expensive batteries to use the camera for a longer period.

GoPro Max comes with a 1600mah lithium-ion battery which is quite bigger than GoPro Hero 8. The placement of the battery is near the USB-C port and micro SD card slot. In terms of battery life, GoPro Max allows you to do 360 degrees shooting for the whole day. In our opinion, you should always keep a spare USB-C power bank in your backpack. 

GoPro Hero 9 is here, beating both GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Max. The battery capacity is around 1,720mah, which is relatively larger than its predecessors. It offers 30-40% more battery life which is necessary because of the two screens and full-day shooting. The GoPro Hero 9 battery lasts for around 100 minutes on continuous usage.  

In terms of battery life, if you’re doing GoPro Hero 8 vs. GoPro 9 vs. GoPro Max 360, the latest flagship becomes the first choice. 

Final Verdict

In conclusion, you won’t ask ‘’what is the difference between GoPro Hero 8, and GoPro Max and GoPro Hero 9?’’ All the differences, pros, and cons of these models are covered in this post. 

In our opinion, GoPro Hero 9 becomes the best action camera in the market right now. If you feel the need for 360-degree photography, GoPro Max is the only choice and cannot be termed as the best action camera in the market. It can also become the only camera you can carry on your adventurous trips. It comes with some additional action camera elements but doesn’t have the ability of 4K video shooting. 

In simpler words, before the launch of GoPro Hero 9, GoPro Max became the first choice of GoPro Hero 8 for GoPro lovers. With the latest GoPro flagship launch, GoPro Max and GoPro Hero 8 aren’t the best action cameras. 

If you don’t want to drain your pockets, go for GoPro Hero 8 or GoPro Max according to your needs. 

Which GoPro you’re choosing for yourself? We’re earnestly waiting for your comments.  


Still Confused : Checkout the GoPro comparison chart and decide yourself. 

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